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  • Autumn-winter 2016/17 collection


    Astonishing appearance of Zosia Nowak in the Le Désir autumn-winter campaign!

    In the upcoming autumn-winter 2016/2017 season, Magda Wizner, the Le Désir brand designer once again makes an impressive come back with her sophisticated, urban take on classic style. Go-getting attitude, awareness of strengths, sensuality and subtlety are the keywords Magda Wizner stuck to while approaching her latest collection. Zosia Nowak, a globally recognizable fashion model, has become the face of the Le Désir campaign.

    The collection that resulted from this mind-set is primarily intended for feisty ladies who like to play with fashion, but also for those who want to break the monotony in their wardrobes and expose their greatest assets. Similarly to her previous collections, the latest Magda Wizner’s creations are characterized by high-quality fabrics and wearing comfort. 

    The latest Le Désir collection features a wide range of closely fitted dresses, skirts, shirts and shorts to accentuate body shape. There are also wool coats, sweaters, and trousers to round out your autumn style to perfection. For those of you who are still in love with the 90s, Magda Wizner has velvet and cashmere bomber jackets with natural leather finishing in her offer. 

    Depending on your mood and the occasion, you can seamlessly combine particular garments of the collection with one another. Elegant navy blue, cool silver and greys, warm ecru and timeless black are now predominant colours here. This time, Magda Wizner based her autumn/winter collection on carefully selected, high-quality wool, fine-textured cashmere, Italian calf leather, and silk velvets.

    Zosia ‘Zo’ Nowak, a world-famous model and an embodiment of the feminine subtlety and sensuality that inspired Magda Wizner, has become the face this autumn-winter 2016/2017 campaign. Zosia lives and works in New York, where she develops his career on the world's greatest catwalks. She has also recently signed a contract with the supreme Victoria's Secret brand.

    Le Désir was established in December 2014. In previous seasons, Le Désir collaborated with fashion models Edyta Zając, Ola Ziemińska, and Paulina Krupińska.